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Boman Digital Whistle Radio Controls

 Whistle Radio Set

The Boman digital whistle control system is designed specifically to remotely control the air whistle on a logging yarder. It is faster and safer than using two-way radios because everyone in the work area can hear a loud and clear whistle signal before any lines are moved. The whistle operator hears the signal he has sent and can immediately respond to a mistake or change in circumstances. With the Boman Digital Whistle you know who is giving the signal. The receiver only responds to control signals that include it’s unique digitally encoded serial number. This prevents other control systems or radio equipment from giving false signals.

The transmitter is mounted on a quick release belt to be carried and operated on the hip. Two switches are required to activate the whistle signal, a tilt of the transmitter, and the press of a double sealed pushbutton. With a single hand, the transmitter can be tilted up and operated by feel, allowing the operator to visually survey the work area, lines and load, while blowing the air whistle.

The construction of both transmitters and receivers provides for weather, shock and vibration resistance. The system is designed and manufactured to meet or exceed applicable federal, state, and industry standards. The radio system includes a receiver, one or more transmitters, antenna, battery charger, cabling, and a carrying case.